VIDEO: Koenigsegg Gemera | 1700hp Four-Seat Hypercar!

SOURCE: Top Gear

1700hp, 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, 250 mph top speed four door family car! Yep, see the all new Koenigsegg Gemera! Only 300 of these hybrid hyper-car beasts will be produced so don’t expect to see many on the road.
“This is the new Koenigsegg Gemera, and it is a family car. Indeed, we know this because it has four seats, hot and cold cupholders, and the ability to store four adults’ carry-on luggage. Also, this is the new Koenigsegg Gemera, and it is absolutely mind-blowingly nuts. It has 1,700bhp, 2,580lb ft of torque, the ability to go from 0-62mph in 1.9s and up to 250mph in “record matching pace”. And that’s not all – the powertrain is bonkers too.”

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