VIDEO: Lizzy Musi Takes On The @StreetOutlaws At Outlaw Armageddon!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Im not sure which is more beautiful Lizzy or that bad-ass Camaro! WHEW…👀😍 Kye Kelley is one lucky man! Got a little happy with the screenshots, excuse my behavior lol. Past that, Lizzy was dishing out some L’s to some familiar faces from the Street Outlaws TV show! I took plenty screenshots of that gorgeous “car” below for your viewing pleasure!

“Lizzy Musi drives the aftershock which is a musi powered nitrous assisted Camaro. Lizzy has found much success with the car and recently made updates to the aftershock for the new no prep kings season and looks to be promising. Lizzy takes on fast cars for example boddie’s son’s car which is a procharged camaro. She also takes on the legend larry Larson in his huge turbo caddy. Finally takes on death trap chuck. Does she have enough to qualify to the main show? Check out the video and see if she does.”

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