VIDEO: Maserati Driver Goes Full Bo DUKE On Arkansas State Police! | 😎🤣

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

Looks like Bo Duke has been spending some serious time in the tanning booth because this Maserati driver knew exactly how to shake Arkansas State Police. This has to be one of the wildest police chases I’ve seen all year. watch as the suspect continually brake-checks and rams the officer in an effort to stop P.I.T. attempts. The driver then gets crafty making split second exits from the highway to put distance on the cops. The driver eventually escaped with the use of his “Go-Go Gadget” exits after the officer could not safely match his move. Although he gave ASP the business that day, the driver was eventually charged for his crimes through fingerprint identification.

“On 5/18/2023 I, Trooper Shane Caviness, was patrolling southbound on Interstate 530 near the 24-mile marker. While patrolling, I observed a black passenger car approaching me in the left lane. As the vehicle caught up to me the operator, later identified as Christopher Monroe, began slowing to approximately 65 MPH in a 75 MPH zone, traveling slightly behind me, in an apparent attempt to avoid passing me. After traveling a short distance, the operator began to accelerate and overtake my position. The vehicle’s tags expired in Jan. 2023. I approached the operator from the passenger side of the suspect vehicle, introducing myself and informing him of the reason for the traffic stop. As I did this, I could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from the passenger compartment, and I could see a partially unzipped backpack sitting on the passenger seat. Inside of the backpack, I could see a large bottle of alcohol, which I believed to be whiskey, that appeared to be open due to the contents not being filled to the top. Also, inside of the backpack, I could see what I believed to be a vacuum sealed bag along with other content. I attempted to identify the driver by asking for his identification. As we spoke, I could see that he appeared extremely nervous. His hands were noticeably trembling, and he would continuously touch his face and legs. He then reached for the backpack, and briefly rummaged through the contents moving his hands around the tops of the contents of the bag. After superficially looking through the backpack, he stated that he was unable to locate any form of identification. Due to this, I asked the driver to exit the vehicle so that I could have him write down his name and birthdate on a piece of paper. He complied and exited his vehicle. As he stepped out of the driver’s seat, I asked if he had any weapons on his person. He informed me that he did not and emptied his pockets, revealing his keys in his right pocket and a large stack of money, with a $100 bill showing on the top, folded in his left pocket. I then directed him to walk towards my front bumper and sit on it. I retrieved a piece of paper and a pen from my patrol unit and informed him to write down his name and his birthday on the paper. He complied with writing down his correct name but wrote down the wrong birthdate (9/21/81), preventing me from successfully identifying him. I confirmed that the information he provided was false by asking Troop E dispatch to run the name and birthdate. Troop E dispatch informed me that they were unable to get a return as well, confirming my belief that the information the operator had provided was false. I then retrieved my mobile fingerprint scanner and fingerprinted the operator. I again informed the operator to sit on the front bumper of my patrol vehicle, as I awaited the fingerprints to reveal his identity. As I waited, I noticed that the operator seemed more nervous, constantly watching me, and glancing back at his vehicle. Just as I received the return on the operator’s fingerprints, I heard him say something then run back to his vehicle. The operator then entered his vehicle and began to flee southbound on Interstate 530. I began pursuing the vehicle, activating my siren. I attempted to take advantage of the slower speed of the suspect vehicle as it accelerated, catching up to the vehicle and attempting a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI). As I did this, the operator aggressively applied his brakes, causing me to drive past him. The suspect then exited the interstate at exit 27, turning left onto Gravel Pit Road and then turning left again onto Interstate 530 northbound. He continued fleeing northbound at speeds exceeding 140 MPH as he swerved around cars. After traveling approximately 15 miles north, the operator exited the interstate again at exit 12, merging onto the exit ramp at approximately 140 MPH. Due to the speed of his exit, I decided to apply my brakes and overshoot the exit to prevent a crash. I then conducted a U-turn, circling back onto the exit ramp.”

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