VIDEO: Meet The Quickest AWD Talon On The Planet…FLAT OUT!!!

SOURCE: 1320video

Looks like Boostin Performance broke their own record…AGAIN! Man that thing is a beast congrats on the good work Fellas!

“The QUICKEST DSM on the PLANET!  Devin and Boostin Performance has had one heck of a weekend battling the typical racecar woes that accompany any event.  Thankfully Devin, the Red Demon, AND the team were not willing to give up and they kept at it, taking this car FAR past their expectations.  Moving from blowing up a turbo the night before, to SHATTERING the world record, this MONSTER DSM took it’s rage to the drag strip of Royal Purple Raceway to go round after round in the stick shift class of TX2K 2018”