VIDEO: Son-uva Digger vs. 600hp Hot Rod! | 2000hp Drag Race!

SOURCE: Hoonigan

Ryan Anderson linked up with the Hoonigans for an epic Drag racing showdown! Ryan brought his 1500hp “Son-uva Digger” Monster truck to face the 600 hp ’55 Chevy “Tri Five By fire” hot rod for some 1/4 mile digs! Who do you think will come out on top? These runs were alot closer than you would think!

“Seeing a Monster Jam truck in real life is pretty unreal – something like a childhood dream for a whole lot of gearheads. Seeing it on a drag strip in real life is an even MORE rare opportunity. But seeing it drag race your own friend at your local dragway?? That’s next level. With over 2000 horsepower between the two of them, Monster Jam pro (and official Hoonigan) Ryan Anderson drag races Son-uva Digger against our very own Jon Chase in this wild monster truck vs ’55 “Tri Five by Fire” hot rod showdown. And it’s a whole lot closer than you’d ever think.”

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