VIDEO: Stolen Cement Truck Dumps Load On Cops During Pursuit | 🫡

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

Straight out of the GTA video game, watch this stolen cement truck dump its load all over the road in an attempt to outrun Georgia State Patrol. That is gonna be a BIG cleanup, he is gonna regret it when he sees how much he will have to pay in restitution!🤣 Make sure to head over to their ☝️ YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below!

“On 02/27/2023 at approximately 0921 hours myself and TPR Goodman were dispatched to an active pursuit on I-20 West involving a stolen concrete truck. Throughout the pursuit the concrete truck was actively spilling wet cement and dry rocks on the roadway, causing a driving hazard to the public. When we were notified, the pursuit was located at MM 160. I advised the Troop E Communications center that we would be enroute to MM 145 to setpu stop sticks. Upon arriving at MM 145, we setup stop stick and continued to monitor radio traffic. The units who were actively pursuing the suspect advised he exited 1-20 at MM 148 and began traveling North on GA 22. The units then advised the violator took a right turn on GA 12 / US 278, traveling east back towards the interstate. I told TPR Goodman to follow me up to MM 154 to try and get ahead of the pursuit and redeploy the stop sticks at the interchange of GA 12/ US 278 and Interstate 20. While enroute to MM 154, Captain Wilson advised the we needed to be prepared to end the pursuit by shooting the radiator. I told Captain Wilson I was comfortable making that shot and was confident I could disable the radiator. I told TPR Goodman to exit his patrol car at Exit 154 and drive mine. I moved over to the passenger seat, charged my LWRC M6 patrol rifle and turned on the red dot sight. I advised Captain Wilson we were ready to disable the radiator and according to which direction the violator took, I would find a safe location to minimize the risk to the public. The violator made a right turn, getting back onto I-20 West. We entered the pursuit at MM 153, moved into position behind the Concrete Truck and waited for an update from any units ahead with stop sticks or a clear spot in traffic to disable the radiator. Taliaferro County advised they had two units on I-20 at MM 148 setup with stop sticks. As we approached the exit, the Concrete Truck began to swerve back and forth from the right lane to the left lane, lining up an approach with either deputy to possibly hit them and avoid the stop sticks. He was successful in doing so and did not make good contact with the stop sticks. I was in fear for the lives of the deputies as they were in the open with no cover from the Concrete Truck and were running trying to avoid the Concrete Truck as it veered into a path traveling directly towards them. I knew I had to try to disable the radiator before the violator severely injured an officer or a citizen with his driving. Captain Wilson came over the radio and advised I had a green light to disable the radiator. I told TPR Goodman to monitor east bound traffic and let me know when there was a clear spot with no oncoming traffic. TPR Vining passed the Concrete Truck and moved a tractor trailer over to the shoulder that was in front of the Concrete Truck. I now had no vehicles in front of the Concrete Truck. I told TPR Goodman to cover his right ear and watch oncoming traffic. I told TPR Goodman as soon as there was an opening to yell and I was going to fire. I leaned out the passenger’s side window, pushed my muzzle out in front of the window to minimize the back blast into our vehicle and waited for TPR Goodman’s call. I could see a black rectangular container that appeared to be the radiator over flow and the fins from the radiator directly behind it. With the engine and radiator in the rear of the truck, I would have a clear shot. I also knew with the engine block and concrete filled container between the violator and I would have a low risk of being hit by one of my rounds. TPR Goodman gave me an all clear and I fired several rounds at the radiator overflow and several just above it at the radiator. We instantly had radiator fluid pouring out the back of the truck and from beneath the truck. I advised Troop Communications we were successful and that we had 8 miles before the next exit. We backed off and followed the Concrete Truck at a safe distance waiting it to overheat and seize the engine. As we approached MM 143, Captain Wilson entered the pursuit, traveling in front of the violator slowing him down. We came to a slow stop at MM 142 and exited our patrol cars. I ran up to Captain Wilson’s front quarter panel and covered him while he went to the driver’s side door of the truck. The violator ignored commands and Captain Wilson used a window punch to shatter the window. While covering the captain, he opened the driver’s side door and assisted the violator to the ground. We then placed him in handcuffs and secured him in the back of TPR Vining’s patrol car. After the incident was secured, I looked at the impact from the rounds and reviewed the video. I had 100% round accountability in the area’s I fired at with 9 rounds fired. I stood by with the Concrete Truck and released it to the requested company, Reeves Towing.”

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