VIDEO: Street Outlaws Birdman vs. Machine Gun Kelley | Dirty South No Prep!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

James “Birdman” Finney is back in the mix with his new big turbo Hemi Camaro SS!

“In this video we have James Finney who is the driver of the twin turbo camaro and also known as the infamous birdman. Birdman had a terrible accident with his turbo firebird in the fastest in america show. This didnt stop birdman from recovering and building a new camaro with a hemi big block under the hood and big single turbo. The combo will be proved to the test against the always game machine gun kelley. Kelley blubaugh talks about his new setup with is an over 900+ ci musi motor with nitrous onboard. The setup is known as the equalizer as its a proven setup with lizzy musi and kye kelley tearing up the no prep scene. Check out the video to catch up with their setups and the close race. ”

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