VIDEO: Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz vs. Kye Kelley $40k Final | Close Call 😳

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws stars Jeff Lutz and Kye Kelley met in the finals at Brainerd for the $40k prize. Everything looked ok until smoke started pouring from under Lutz’s car as he passed the finish line eventually bursting into flames and causing Jeff to lose control of the car. Though Kye took the win, Jeff won in his own right by wheeling the car and avoiding a collision with both walls. Jeff was able to walk away with no injuries and the car will be ok!

“Street Outlaws No Prep Kings racers Jeff Lutz raced Kye Kelley in the finals of Brainerd, Minnesota’s no prep event. What happened during the race that was shocking was Jeff Lutz spinning out of control after something went wrong during his run. Jeff Lutz advance four rounds before reaching the finals of the big tire class. Jeff Lutz took on fast racers like B-rad’s luminasty which is a nitrous assisted lumina. Jeff Lutz also raced Mike Murillo who was season two champion of no prep kings. Lutz then took on Justin Swanstorm in his supercharged lexus. The finals was reached and there he raced the cash days champion Kye Kelley. Kye Kelley drives a nitrous assisted camaro that ended up beating Jeff Lutz. Lutz then went on a one eighty turn while his car was on fire. Nobody was hurt during the sequence but still was a tense moment. ”

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