VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Birdman Turbo Camaro vs. Shake N Bake Blown Camaro

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Turbo vs. Supercharged, which one of these bad azz Camaro will cross the line first? Will it be Birdman with his single turbo setup or Shake N Bake with its supercharged setup? Place ya bets!

“In this video we have cody baker’s blown camaro known as the shake n bake. In the previous video we see him in the first and second round of the big tire class at the battle of the alamo held at alamo city motorplex in marion, texas. This video is a continuation of yesterdays, and cody baker drew birdman in the third round. During the driver’s meeting Mike Murillo was happy they didnt draw each as they always seem to race each other in every race. The stage was set but we threw in the test passes birdman did and cody baker to show how well they had the surface figured out. Check out the video and see how well they did and who came out on top. The winner of the race would advance to face off against a very fast nitrous car. ”

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