VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Black Sheep Mafia Dominates Winter Meltdown | Houston TX

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Black Sheep Mafia Leader Brent Self was all business at Winter Meltdown in Houston TX. Watch as he dismantles the small tire class for nice little pay day!

“In this video we have the procharged camaro that is driven by Brent Self. Brent is the leader of the black sheep mafia and he entered the small tire class at the winter meltdown no prep event in houston, texas. What makes brent so strong is his ablility to help his crew out and having a fast car to make the small tire field smaller. There was two more black sheep mafia members at the small tire event as well but you have to check out the video to see who actually won the small tire class at the winter meltdown event. Was it Brent Self? or did someone else spoil the party?”

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