VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Fireball Camaro vs. Dennis The Menace | Controversy?

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Fireball Camaro overcame the adversity for the win in the big tire class at All Star No Prep! Fire ball does battle with the Equalizer in round 1 and then a controversial run against Dennis The Menace.

“In this video we have the fireball camaro Ryan Martin at the Reapers all star no prep event. Fireball entered the big tire class at the all star no prep event and took on machine gun kelley in the first round. Machine gun Kelley is Kelley Blubaugh who drives a 900+ ci musi motor which he calls the equalizer. It has several kits of nitrous on the motor and is also a clutch car which makes a rare combination in no prep at least. Fireball camaro also faced off against the surging Dennis the Menace twin turbo camaro. Both cars are fast and one of the two races it came down to inches as Kamikaze chris had to make a tough call. Being a racemaster is not easy and having a mob around you as you try to gather information to make the right call is tough. But check out how kamikaze keeps his cool and makes the tough calls.”

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