VIDEO: Take A Ride In The World’s Fastest Delorean DMC-12!

SOURCE: TheSmokingTire

Im pretty sure Doc would have had a blast with this rig traveling back in time! And no it is not an LS swap! This Delorean DMC-12 is packing a twin turbo V6 out of a Kia Stinger bumping out close to 500hp!

“What happens when you give a DeLorean a BUNCH of power? Nick is a man with his priorities in order. Having owned just about every analog supercar out there, he wanted to do something Delorean enthusiasts have always dreamed of, but never succeeded at: making a Delorean that drives as good as it looks. Styled by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro and platform-shared with early Lotuses, the Delorean had promise. But a poorly constructed chassis, underwhelming engine, wonky driver inputs, and play-doh brakes have made it more of a looker than a driver. Worse, because of very specific issues with how the cars were built, modifying them takes far more trouble than it’s typically worth. But when Nick turned to Steve Maxwell, a legendary San Diego Ferrari tuner and fabricator, to fix nearly every problem the Delorean had with virtually an open checkbook, the pair created far and away the best driving Delorean ever constructed. ”

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