VIDEO: Tesla P100D Ludicrous Storms The Dragstrip!

SOURCE: Tesla Racing Channel

Tesla P100D Ludicrous Storms The Dragstrip!

“First Tesla P100D Ludicrous Plus with the Performance Easter Egg out at the Dragstrip. Going back to where Tesla Racing Channel began 2 years ago at the famous Piedmont Dragway. We even inserted some clips from our P85D when it did its first pass in insane mode running a 7.4 and a 11.6 quarter mile. Fast forward two years from then and this car now is a full second faster in the quarter mile running 10.6s show room floor stock. That’s an achievement not accomplished by possibly any car company before improving their top model by a full second e.t. This car even put down a 2.38 0 to 60 at the dragstrip, murdering the Faraday Future and its hype.”