VIDEO: YouTuber “LRHN” Pulled Over With No License/Insurance…Car Towed, Full Hissy Fit! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

Looks like YouTube clout does not get you very far with Arkansas State Police. Watch as popular YouTuber “LRHN” gets pulled over with a suspended license and no insurance in his Dodge Charger. Apparently one of the cops knew who he was but that didn’t change the fact that his car was getting towed. Get ya paperwork straight folks!

“During the last “Operation Safe Streets,” Arkansas State Police were out in full force enforcing traffic laws all over the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. Trooper Miller spots a Dodge Charger going 84 in a 60. The driver, identified as Gerald Johnson, had a suspended driver’s license for failure to pay child support and no insurance. Due to this, the Charger was towed. Once Johnson learned his vehicle was being towed, he begins to berate the Trooper. Telling the Trooper he would embarrass him and even posted a short video to his social media account (which has since been deleted). At one point, when it appeared his vehicle was no longer being towed, Mr. Johnson can be heard apologizing for his conduct. However, once the second tow truck arrives, Johnson goes back to yelling at the Trooper. The secondary Trooper, Shumate, agrees to drive Johnson home. Johnson is the YouTuber who goes by “Little Rock Hood News” or LRHN.”

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