VIDEO: Arkansas State Police Breakup Illegal Street Takeover…130+mph Chase Ensues!

Welp, you can pretty much say goodbye to you driving privileges for the next decade. Watch as Arkansas State Police breakup an illegal street takeover in a Little Rock intersection when a participant suddenly decided to run. You can see the suspect vehicle (Toyota Camry) in the middle of the intersection as the trooper approaches, once the trooper turned on his emergency lights to disperse the gathering the chase was on. The Camry would go on to hit speeds well in excess of 100mph on public roads in an effort to escape. The officer was able to keep the Camry in sight and eventually was able to ram and disable the vehicle. Talk about digging your own grave, the kid may have got a simple warning if anything at all had he just stopped being as though the officer didn’t witness any reckless driving other than him sitting in the middle of the intersection. He certainly has plenty of time to think about it now lol. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

“On 12/31/2023, while patrolling northbound on Interstate 430 between mile markers 4 and 5, I observed a vehicle traveling at 94 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. I then observed a second car traveling at 95 MPH in the 65 MPH zone, a short distance behind that vehicle. Due to my location on Interstate 430, I merged onto the median, where a break in the cable barrier was located, and turned onto Interstate 430 South. I began to catch up to the vehicles, observing them exit the Interstate at exit number 4. I followed behind both vehicles, turned right onto Colonel Gleed Road, and traveled west. As we approached the intersection of Colonel Glenn Road and David O Dodd Road, I observed several vehicles surrounding the intersection, preventing traffic from traversing through the intersection, and a vehicle performing doughnuts in the middle of the intersection. As the vehicles I initially observed approached the intersection, they split up, with one turning left onto David O Dodd Road and the other turning right onto Bowman Road. I initiated my emergency lights as I approached the intersection when a Toyota Camry began trying to leave east onto Colonel Glenn Road. I attempted to block the vehicle in, but the operator, later identified as Deshon SLAY, maneuvered around my patrol vehicle. SLAY began to accelerate east on Colonel Glenn Road, attempting to flee. I turned behind him and initiated my siren, informing Troop A dispatch of what I had observed and that I was in pursuit. As SLAY sped up to over 100 MPH, he turned off all lighting to his vehicle, “blacking out,” minimizing his visibility and making it difficult for me or any other motorist to see him. He continued to flee onto Stagecoach Road, where he began traveling into the oncoming lanes of traffic and failed to stop or yield at red lights while speeding up to approximately 130 MPH. He then turned right (south) onto University Avenue, where he continued to show total disregard for his life and the lives of anyone else, reaching speeds of approximately 140 MPH and remaining blacked out. As we crossed under Interstate 30, we approached an intersection with the Interstate’s off-ramp that displayed a red light to us and had several vehicles stopped. SLAY maneuvered to the left around the vehicles, failing to stop at the red light, and began traveling in the opposing lane without any forward-facing lights. While traveling in the opposing lanes, he came head-to-head with two separate vehicles. As he approached the second vehicle head-on, he began flashing his headlights at them. SLAY then attempted to cross back onto the correct side of the road (southbound), causing him to slow significantly. Taking this opportunity, I performed a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI), striking the right side of his vehicle with the left front corner of my patrol vehicle. As a result of the TVI, SLAY’s vehicle was stopped, and I steered my now disabled patrol vehicle in front of his car. I then ordered SLAY to show me his hands, to which he complied. I removed SLAY from the driver’s seat and placed him in custody. An administrative inventory was conducted on SLAY’s vehicle, revealing approximately 2.9 grams of green vegetable matter, believed to be marijuana, in a glass jar located in the center console. The suspected marijuana was secured and later submitted into evidence. With the vehicle secured, SLAY was transported by Trooper T. Crossland to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock for medical clearance due to the impact of the TVI. Doctors at the medical center cleared SLAY of any injuries, and he was then transported to the Pulaski County Detention Center, where he was booked on his charges.”

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