VIDEO: Cop Goes 200+mph In A 2200hp Audi R8!

SOURCE: 1320video

This Police officer just took the ride of his life in a 2200hp Audi R8. How fast will this beast go???

“Underground Racing’s twin turbo Audi R8 making 2200+ horsepower on STREET tires is the definition of the ultimate street cars! This isn’t your average Audi R8…this particular R8 is pegging 220mph. To put it into perspective, off the showroom floor, an Audi R8 comes with only 580 horsepower and is build to only sustain 180 mph from the factory! Showing up to Texas Invitational, UGR flexes it’s street car muscles by pulling out Qbert and letting it eat! Busting out a top speed of 220mph AND stopping without a parachute, you know you’ve achieved ultimate streetability!”