VIDEO: Farmtruck & AZN’s Green Lizard Goes Grudge Racing!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Farmtruck & AZN brought “Green Lizard” their re-purposed prison transport bus to the drag strip for some grudge racing!

“In this video we have two different types of animals that do the same type of racing which is drag racing. First up is the farmtruck and azn creation which is known as the green lizard. The green lizard started life out as a prison bus from oklahoma city. It would transport prisoners back in the day but now farmtruck and azn outfitted the green lizard with racing seats and seat belts. The bus itself launches well and takes people along for a joy ride down the race track. In this particular case the green lizard was racing a honda that gave it a good race. Finally, the last grudge racing in the video is the froggy big block chevy truck. Froggy was racing another fast competitior and always does well in a race. Check out the video as we got a pov in the green lizard so you can take a ride along. ”

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