VIDEO: Suspect Crashes Into Moving Train… Gets Dragged Down The Tracks!

Well that definitely did not pan out like he thought it would. Watch this Lincoln Town Car driver attempt to flee from Michigan State Troopers only to take a long ride down the tracks. The suspect had no intentions of interacting with officers leading them on a short chase that ended with him colliding with a moving train after running into a dead end. The train somehow snagged the front of the car and dragged the suspect and car a good ways down the track until officers arrived to detain the suspect. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

“While traveling south bound on 12th St Troopers observed the below listed suspect vehicle traveling south on 12th St in front of our patrol vehicle. Troopers followed the vehicle south onto 12th St. A LEIN / SOS query on the vehicle showed the registered owner had a felony warrant for his arrest. Trooper Arrowood activated his emergency lights signaling a traffic stop on Annesley near 10th Street. The vehicle continued, did not stop and continued traveling west bound on Annesley St. The vehicle continued four more blocks at slow speeds. Trooper Arrowood activated his emergency siren at this time signaling the driver to stop the vehicle near Annesley and 4th St. The vehicle began to slow for the stop sign at Annesley St and Genesee Ave as another vehicle was in front of it. The vehicle then passed the vehicle in front of it and quickly accelerated across Genesee Ave, continuing west on Gage St. Due to the registered owner of the vehicle having a felony warrant for his arrest , I requested permission to pursue the vehicle. At that time, the suspect vehicle continued driving away in the following direction: West bound Gage St, disregarding the stop sign at the intersection of Gage and Emily St. South bound Weadock St, disregarding the stop sign at the intersection of Weadock and Atwater, the stop sign at Atwater and Warren, the stop sign at the intersection of Atwater and Sheridan, the stop sign at Atwater and Owen and the stop sign at Atwater and Jefferson. The suspect vehicle then continued north bound on Jefferson. The suspect vehicle then continued traveling east bound on Holden while disregarding the stop sign at Holden and Jefferson. I then shut down the emergency lights and sirens on my patrol vehicle. I observed that the suspect vehicle traveled south bound on Sheridan and turned on what appeared to be Phelon St and went east bound on Phelon St. I then received clearance to pursue the vehicle due to the present and the driver matching the description of the registered owner, I attempted to catch up to the vehicle, after reactivating the emergency lights and sirens on my patrol vehicle. The suspect vehicle then continued driving north on Genesee. The suspect vehicle then turned right onto east bound Janes and continued east bound at a high rate of speed. On Janes near 17th St, the suspect vehicle attempted to turn right onto south bound 17th St in order to avoid a train that was traveling across Janes east of 17th St. The suspect vehicle lost control, ran off the roadway and came into contact with the train. Troopers then exited the patrol vehicle. At that time, Troopers observed NICKLEBERRY continue to attempt to drive from the scene by placing the vehicle in reverse. At that time, the suspect vehicle became caught in the train near the front driver’s side section of the vehicle. The suspect vehicle continued to be caught by the train and began being dragged by the train west bound from the scene. Troopers followed on foot. After a short time, the suspect vehicle became free of the train and came to a stop. Tpr. Gute and I went to the driver’s side of the suspect vehicle and observed NICKLEBERRY attempting to exit the vehicle from the front driver’s side window. I gave NICKLEBERRY clear verbal commands to “Stop” at that time. NICKLEBERRY ignored my verbal commands and continued to attempt to exit the vehicle and flee the scene. I then placed my hands around the upper body of NICKLEBERRY and conducted a takedown of NICKLEBERRY. Troopers were then able to handcuff NICKLEBERRY without further incident. Gregory was later searched incident to arrest. Prior to being searched, Gregory advised troopers that he had crack in his pocket. Trooper Curry searched Gregory and found a small clear plastic bag containing a rocky white substance suspected to be crack cocaine in his front left pocket. Troopers conducted a search of Gregory’s vehicle. Troopers located a black in color, Taurus Millennium .40 caliber pistol on the front passenger seat floorboard. The firearm was found with one round in the chamber and seven rounds of ammunition in the magazine. The firearm was orientated with the barrel facing towards the front of the vehicle and the magazine well pointing towards the roof of the vehicle. Troopers also located a clear plastic baggie containing seventeen round white in color pills imprinted with M366 on the floorboard near the firearm. The pills were later identified as Hydrocodone using Pill Identifier. Nothing else of interest was located in the vehicle.”

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