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Now this has got to be the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in some time! Watch as this Dodge Charger RT takes Georgia State Patrol on a reckless high speed chase after refusing to stop for officers. The chase would go on to reach speeds well in excess of 100mph all while suspects in the car decided to post the ordeal to Instagram. Eventually authorities would close distance and successfully execute a P.I.T. maneuver sending the car crashing into the woods. It is truly crazy and sad that these kids are willing to risk it all for internet fame these days. Do better parents…Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

“On June 6th 2021, at approximately 0130 hours I, Trooper Miller, and Cpl Zah were sitting stationary on Interstate 75 northbound at Moore’s Mill Road. At this time, I noticed my rear radar antenna showing multiple speeds of 100mph plus. As the group of vehicles reached our location, I noticed a white Dodge Charger in the middle of the group of sports cars that had the two rear passengers both sitting on the window seal with their entire top halves outside of the car, filming the group with cell phones, promoting illegal street racing activities. After the vehicles passed, I proceeded north, following the vehicles off the interstate onto Northside Parkway just south of West Paces Ferry Road. As we exited off the Interstate the vehicles were stopped at the red light. While being one car back behind the white Dodge Charger I observed two young black males wearing dark clothing still hanging out of each of the rear windows using their cell phones to film the surrounds sports cars. To clarify, these two males were sitting with their entire top halves outside of the car, sitting on the door with their arms up on the roof of the car, filming with their cell phones. As the red light turned green the group of vehicles, including the white Dodge Charger, make a left onto Northside Parkway. Once I was through the intersection, I attempted to conduct a traffic stop with my lights and siren. Immediately after turning on my lights and siren, the white Dodge Charger changed lanes from the far-right lane into the second lane from the right and then into the middle turning lane, accelerated quickly and ran the red light at the intersection of Northside Parkway and West Paces Ferry Road. After using due regard I traveled through the intersection in pursuit of the Charger. Once at the top of the hill crest just north of the Intersection the white Dodge Charger slowed down and attempted to make an illegal U-turn to go back south bound on Northside Parkway. Once facing back southbound the front of my vehicle made intentional contact with the driver door of the Charger in an attempt to stop the vehicle. That attempt failed and the Charger continued back south towards West Paces Ferry Road, running the red light again for the second time. After passing through the red light again, we continued south and turned right onto the on ramp to Interstate 75 north. While making the hard right turn the white Charger nearly struck several vehicles with its front that were sitting on the ramp. While we were accelerating up the on ramp the rear right passenger stuck his hand out the window with a cell phone in his hand. The light on the cell phone was on and the passenger was facing the camera side back towards my patrol car in a manner to suggest the passenger was attempting to film my attempt to stop them. As we reached high speeds on the interstate the passenger pulled his hand back inside the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle proceeded north on Interstate 75 at a high rate of speed, making several reckless lane changes in and out of traffic. As the Charger passed Mt Paran Road, the driver turned off his lights and “blacked out” and continued to drive in the same reckless high-speed manner. This high speed, improper lane changes, following too closely, driving through gores and blatantly reckless manner of driving continued north on Interstate 75 from West Paces Ferry Road up to Chastain Road. During this time there were several moments where I could see the lights of the two rear passengers cell phones still being manipulated in manner to suggest they were still attempting to record my actions behind them. As the white Charger and I approached Chastain Road, I was able to close the distance between myself and the Charger and set up to initiate a P.I.T. maneuver. With no other vehicles in the immediate vicinity of our two vehicles, I performed a successful P.I.T. maneuver on the white Charger. As contact was made on the Charger, my front left his rear right, the Charger traveled from the far-left lane to the far right, and off the right side of the roadway. After leaving the roadway the Charger traveled several hundred feet along the edge of the tree line, coming to an uncontrolled rest against a tree on its right side, right side up, just inside the tree line. After coming to a controlled stop, I exited my vehicle and attempted to enter the woods to ascertain the condition of the occupants. As I approached the vehicle, I could hear Cobb County PD officers attempting to get a subject in custody inside the trees. This subject was a young black female. After she was in custody, we turned our attention to the vehicle. Located just outside the front passenger door was a young black male who was sitting on the ground with his legs extended out in front of him, holding his left knee and shouting his leg was broken. Just inside the vehicle was another young black male who was sitting in the floorboard of the front passenger seat with his arms and head laying on the passenger seat and his legs half in the floorboard and outside the car. Due to the condition of the two young males, they were not placed in custody but rather told to remain still while we called for medical assistance. Once medical assistance arrived the two young males were taken to Kennestone Hospital by Metro EMS. The two young males were identified as Mr. Khalil Xavion Stewart of Norcross, GA and Mr. Statron Colbert also of Norcross GA. The young black female was identified as Ms. Eloneeka Dwomoh of Atlanta GA. Ms. Dwomoh was the registered owner of the white Charger. Initially after talking to the three occupants, they all stated that there were no other occupants inside the vehicle. Due to the injuries sustained by the two juveniles and the severity of the crash, Troop C S.C.R.T. was called to come assist with the investigation. Once on scene, S.C.R.T along with Cobb PD and myself, began to investigate the occupants inside the vehicle trying to determine if there was indeed another person inside the vehicle. While this was taking place, DNR unit who arrived on scene located a pair of blue Crocs inside the woods with a fresh footprint in the mud next to them, indicating that someone had taken them off as they were moving away from the scene of the crash. Being that she was the owner of the vehicle, Ms. Dwomoh was questioned as to the extent of her involvement. Ms. Dwomoh stated that the person driving the vehicle’s name was “Dequon” and that she did not know who he was, even though he was driving her car. After much deliberation, Ms. Dwomoh finally stated that the driver of the car was Bobby Andre Harrell (DOB: ), her boyfriend. Ms. Dwomoh decided to finally cooperate once her phone was retrieved from the vehicle. Ms. Dwomoh willingly unlocked her phone and showed us pictures of Mr. Harrell, text messages from Mr. Harrell, as well as several location apps that she and Mr. Harrell shared with each other. Once opened, Life360 showed that Mr. Harrell was at the location of the crash at the time of the crash and that he had moved from the crash location south to Barrett Parkway. Once on Barrett Parkway, Mr. Harrell was able to get a ride back over to the Duluth area around 0300-0330 hours, after the crash happened at 0139 hours. During our investigation after the crash, I located a video that was posted on Instagram. from inside the vehicle that was posted on Tron’s Instagram. The video showed my patrol car in pursuit of the vehicle and the speedometer of the white Charger at speeds of 137-146mph. The video also showed Ms. Dwomoh sitting in the front passenger seat and a shirtless black male, no seatbelt, wearing blue crocs driving the vehicle. Due to this evidence showing Ms. Dwomoh not behind the wheel, Ms. Dwomoh was given paperwork for the vehicle and was dropped off at closest gas station, the Chevron at the corner of Busbee Drive and Chastain Road. Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart remained at the hospital. Further investigation is being done before charges are filed on any of the occupants.”

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