VIDEO: Terrible Sport Bike Rider Fails To Outrun Georgia State Police | FAFO!

This has got to be the weirdest police chase video that I have ever seen. Watch this novice rider attempt to run, or not so much, from Georgia State Police on his Honda CBR 600. The rider was awkwardly swerving from side to side and never seemed to be able to put any significant distance between himself and police. Eventually he apparently decided he would be better off on foot as he ditched the bike and hopped over a steel barrier. Police gave chase with the help of a K9 officer who would go on to bite TF out of the suspect until he screamed in submission. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

“Below is the officers narrative, Michael Butler has since been sentenced to four years in prison.

On November 10, 2022, at approximately 0248 hours, I was stationary patrolling on Interstate 85 near Beaver Ruin Road. I observed a black motorcycle traveling north on Interstate 85 North at a high rate of speed without a tag. I checked the motorcycle’s speed at 95 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour speed zone. I activated my emergency equipment, blue lights and siren, and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the motorcycle. The driver, later identified by his name and date of birth as Michael Butler, looked over his shoulder at me and accelerated at a high rate of speed initiating a pursuit. I contacted Troop C Communications and advised them I was currently in pursuit of the black motorcycle. I advised Troop C Communications that the driver was wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, black leather motorcycle jacket, black helmet and wearing a red book bag. Trooper First Class Ginnel was behind me and advised Troop C Communications that he was secondary in the pursuit and would handle radio communications for the pursuit. Mr. Butler continued traveling north on Interstate 85 at a high rate of speed and driving in an extremely reckless manner. Mr. Butler traveled off the roadway near the exit ramp at Sugarloaf Parkway and continued traveling back north on Interstate 85. I attempted to channel Mr. Butler onto the shoulder of Interstate of 85 North and he eventually came to an uncontrolled stop on the right shoulder. Mr. Butler then jumped off the motorcycle, over the guard rail and initiated a foot pursuit. I exited my patrol car and observed Mr. Butler running north, parallel with Interstate 85 and up hill into a heavily wooded area. TFC Ginnel deployed K9 Kai and I followed them into the woods after Mr. Butler. Upon entering the wood line, TFC Ginnel and I no longer had a visual on Mr. Butler or K9 Kai. We continued into the woods to locate Mr. Butler and K9 Kai. I then heard Mr. Butler let out a scream, further into the woods. TFC Ginnel and I located Mr. Butler actively fighting K9 Kai, while K9 Kai was actively holding him in a heavily wooded area, riddled with thorns and thicket. TFC Ginnel began giving Mr. Butler verbal commands to show him his hands. Mr. Butler refused to show us his hands and continued to punch and kick K9 Kai. K9 Kai continued to hold onto Mr. Butler’s , regardless of being struck by Mr. Butler. Mr. Butler eventually listened to TFC Ginnel’s commands and showed his hands. As TFC Ginnel began to release K9 Kai from the hold, I observed Mr. Butler kick and punch TFC Ginnel and K9 Kai. TFC Ginnel and K9 Kai were knocked off balance and rolled down the rough terrain. TFC Ginnel was able to regain balance and control of K9 Kai. At this time, Mr. continued to refused to obey commands to show me his hands and resisted arrest. I then struck Mr. Butler in the with a closed fist to gain compliance. I was able to place Mr. Butler in handcuffs and under arrest. Mr. Butler was then escorted out of the woods and placed in front of my patrol car. I contacted Troop C Communications and advised that I had the subject in custody and requested an ambulance in reference to the injuries sustained from K9 Kai’s hold. TFC Ginnel escorted K9 Kai out of the woods and placed him back into the rear seat of his patrol car. TFC Ginnel advised his was injured and he could not breathe. Gwinnett County EMS arrived on scene and transported Mr. Butler to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. TFC Ginnel was transported by TFC Gaddis to Northside Gwinnett to be treated for his injuries. Mr. Butler’s vehicle was towed from the scene by Willard’s Towing. Incident was recorded on USB-523 Perm 0260B. Note: Warrants were secured at the Gwinnett County Jail. Note: Upon arrival at the hospital, Mr. Butler told TFC Gaddis “If I’m going to jail anyway, I’m going to fight and make y’all earn y’alls paycheck.” Note: Upon checking Mr. Butler’s name and date of birth through GCIC, he had multiple warrants and was confirmed to be a member of Ghost Face Gangsters and 115 Boys.”

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