VIDEO: 10 Second “Hybrid” Honda Insight | Got Slicks!

SOURCE: victoryredcolorado

10 Second “Hybrid” Honda Insight | Got Slicks!

“Ok so this 2000 Honda Insight is not powered by the original 1.0 litre 3 cyl with an electrical motor assist but what else would you do with one of the ugliest, first mass-produced hybrid automobiles to get attention at an import event? How bout converting it into this street legal all motor 10 sec. hybrid powered by a K series 4 cyl with a 88mm turbo along with a 102bc crank,r&r aluminum rod l19 bolts,Cp 15-1 pistons,Hand ported rbc head stock valve,Skunk tuner 3s ,Kinsler 62 and Id1340s courtesy of Now this is my kind of Hybrid! Import Wars RT66 10-23-16”