VIDEO: 2300hp Nissan GTR Wheelie @WorldCupFinals | 6 Second Lizard!

SOURCE: That Racing Channel

Now that’s what I call POWAA! This beast of a GTR did a power wheelie halfway down the track during Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals! Skip to 10:34 for the wheels up!
“We met up with T1 Race Development at Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals. They brought an army of GTR’s to compete and shoot for new personal records. They had 3 out of 4 GTR’s break into the 6’s for the first time! These cars are insanely impressive, throwing down some serious data for acceleration (0-60 mph in 1.17seconds correction from video, 60-130mph in 1.6 seconds, 100-200KPH 1.44s, 0-200KPH 3.0s, pulling over 3.5G’s sustained through most of the 1/4 mile). We can’t wait to see whats next for the incredible Nissan GTR platform, stay tuned!”