VIDEO: 700hp Honda CBR 1000rr | World’s Fastest Honda Motorcycle!

SOURCE: CycleDrag

This 700hp Honda CBR 1000rr is the true definition of “Crotch rocket”. This turbocharged beast has blasted itself to the top of the field cementing it as the fastest Honda Motorcycle in the world!

“It’s the inside secrets of the world’s fastest Honda motorcycle, the street tire, turbo charged CBR 1000rr of father-son team Frankie and Kent Stotz as we follow them at the Man Cup drag bike racing Finals to see all the Honda CBR 1000rr street tire drag racing, wheelies, sounds, fails, top speed and more. In this video we watch Frankie Stotz nearly crash when his CBR Pro Street motorcycle hits a third gear power wheelie and comes down and smashes the front fender. Stotz is ultra talented and was able to maintain control of the motorcycle, where as a motorcycle drag racer with less experience may have panicked and got into trouble. In the garage of Stotz we take a close look at the bike, break down some of the footage and explain some of the motorcycle drag racing intricacies we see. Settle in and enjoy some motorcycle drag racing bench racing! Enjoy world record performace and the quickest and fastest Honda on the planet of Frankie Stotz.”

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