VIDEO: Bacon RX-7 Is Back & Sketchier Than Ever!

SOURCE: 1320video

Bacon RX-7 Is Back & Sketchier Than Ever! | Len will probably have a Depends sponsorship by the time he is done tinkering with this beast!

“Len Bacon has got to be one of the best and most entertaining drivers we’ve ever seen to date. On a good day, Len MIGHT go straight on 1 pass – but probably not. He’s notorious for drifting his way to the finish line at OVER 175 mph, and in less than 8 seconds. It’s something you need to see to believe. Lets not forget that he’s doing all of this with a 2-ROTOR power-plant..HOW AMAZING IS THAT! We love seeing rotary powered Rx-7’s and we love filming entertaining racing – thanks Len!”