VIDEO: Escaped Prisoner Crashes Motorcycle While Running From Police | RIP

Talk about crashing out…This wanted Federal Escaped Prisoner had no plans of returning to the big house on this night. Unfortunately for him his bike was slow AF and his lackluster riding skills would lead to him paying the ultimate price. Watch as the biker runs up behind traffic, while fleeing Georgia State Patrol, smashing into the back of a car which sent him flying across the pavement where he eventually died. I hate to see folks go out like that but clearly this guy did not have much to lose…RIP. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below!

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

“On Monday December 26, 2022, at approximately 1918, I observed a black motorcycle traveling north on GA 25 at GA 204 without a rear taillight illuminated. The registration on the motorcycle was found out to be suspended as well. The rider was wearing a black jacket, black pants, and a black helmet. I was not able to see the motorcycle from the rear due to it being dark outside. I activated my emergency lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the vehicle at north bound GA 25 just before Burton Road. The motorcycle drove off the right shoulder like he was pulling over, lowered his body, failed to yield, and initiated a pursuit. I immediately notified Troop F Communications that I was actively in a pursuit. The pursuit continued past GA 25 and Quacco Road. The suspect failed to maintain his lane multiple times and was recklessly driving all over the road. I checked the motorcycles speed at 113mph traveling same direction on my front RADAR. Due to the reckless driving and speeding I determined the suspect to be an immediate danger to the public. In attempt to stop the suspect, I attempted to channel the motorcycle to the right shoulder of the roadway since traffic was clear. While attempting to pull next to the driver side area of the motorcycle, he swerved into the left lane in front of me blocking it. The pursuit continued past Berwick Boulevard where he passed a vehicle in the right lane traveling over 100 mph. Once we passed Cottonvale Road. The motorist began to yield to my emergency lights and sirens on the right shoulder of GA 25 and the violator attempted to switch back into the right lane from the right shoulder. The suspect was unable to switch back due to his speed and crashed into the back of the motorist. The suspect fell off the motorcycle into the left lane. I immediately notified Troop F Communications of the crash and started EMS. I attempted to render aid to the suspect. The suspect was breathing at first but then stopped. Once I realized he stopped breathing, I performed CPR in attempt to save his life but was unsuccessful and the suspect succumb to his injuries. The motorist was not injured in the crash. The suspect was identified as Mr. Steven Wilson. Mr. Wilson had a revoked license and multiple felony warrants. He had warrants for Probation Violation – Dangerous Drugs (Bryan County SO) (WNO: 2021R021), Contempt of Court – DUI (Chatham County SO) (WNO: STCR20017161), and was a wanted Federal Escaped Prisoner (U.S Marshals) (WNO: 222107051661A).”

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