VIDEO: Finnegan’s Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat | We’ve Got Boost!

SOURCE: Finnegan’s Garage

Looks like Finnegan finally has his twin turbo Hemi beast of a Jet Boat running on all cylinders!

“You’ve been patient and so have we; we’ve tested our 711ci twin-turbo Hemi-powered jet boat four times and never had any boost from the 88mm Precision turbochargers. Today, we finally fixed a few small issues, did some EFI and jet drive tuning, and shoved 8 psi of boost into the all-aluminum Hemi Chevy and the engine responded with big-time power. We wound the engine up to 7,000 rpm and ripped across the lake in seconds. In fact, the boat accelerated from idle speed to over 100 mph in just four seconds. We are just barely scratching the surface of how ridiculous this 19-foot long, 420 pound boat hull is capable of. Stay tuned for more and in the meantime enjoy this video about our latest triumphs in Game Over.”

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