VIDEO: Georgia State Patrol Sends Honda Into Stratosphere During Police Chase!

Well this one certainly is not going to buff out! Watch this Honda Civic attempt to evade Georgia State Patrol in North Atlanta only to get sent skyward after a high speed PIT maneuver. The Trooper attempted to initiate a traffic stop when the Honda driver suddenly hit the gas and zipped in and out of traffic trying to escape. The Trooper was able to keep up and eventually was able to execute a PIT maneuver in a curve sending the Honda for one wild ride! You can read the full police report below. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

“On Thursday December 16, 2021 I, TFC A. Aponte-Gotay was patrolling the area of GA-13 southbound and Sidney Marcus Blvd when I visually observed the driver of a silver Honda Civic (GA Tag CNM4872) holding a cell phone in his right hand looking down while driving. I activated my emergency equipment and initiated a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle changed lanes into the gore area and accelerated initiating a pursuit. I notified the GSP Troop C radio room of the pursuit immediately. At the end of the gore area the driver cut across the right lane of travel and continued to drive at a high rate of speed down the right shoulder past heavy traffic. Upon coming up to the Piedmont Rd entrance ramp the driver made an improper lane change into the entrance ramp lane, continued down that lane before entering the right shoulder again after the Armour Dr exit. Again the driver changed lanes into the entrance ramp lane from Armour Dr to GA-13 southbound and cut across to the right shoulder continuing to drive recklessly. As the driver approached the exit for I-85 southbound he struck the right concrete wall then struck a white van in the left lane of travel. The driver continued fleeing southbound on GA-13 at a high rate of speed changing lanes erratically as traffic cleared. There were no other patrol units in the area to attempt to set up stop sticks or attempt to box the vehicle in. I positioned my patrol vehicle to the left of the fleeing vehicle to perform a P.I.T maneuver and backed away due to upcoming traffic that was slowing down as we approached. As we passed the slowed/stopped vehicles I again positioned my patrol vehicle to the left of the fleeing vehicle to perform a P.I.T maneuver and again backed away due to upcoming traffic. Again as we passed the slowed/stopped vehicles I positioned my patrol vehicle to the left of the fleeing vehicle and performed a successful P.I.T maneuver. The left side of the vehicle struck the left concrete wall, then traveled across both lanes while spinning clockwise and struck the right concrete wall with the left rear of the vehicle before continuing to spin clockwise and coming to an uncontrolled final rest facing northbound in the southbound lanes of travel. I immediately notified the Troop C radio room of the successful P.I.T and the crash while requesting an ambulance be en route. I exited my patrol vehicle and drew my department issued Glock 45 and began giving verbal commands to both the driver and passenger to put their hands up where I could see them. The passenger, Mr. Malik Matthew Davis, immediately followed commands and placed his hands against the windshield and remained there until instructed otherwise. The driver, Mr. Carlton McDonald, failed to follow any commands, and continued to reach underneath the drivers seat of the vehicle before crawling into the back seat of the vehicle and taking a drink out of a silver and blue can. At this point I took cover at the rear of my patrol vehicle and notified the radio room the driver was non compliant and moving, requesting more units to my location. I continued to give verbal commands to show me their hands and stop moving around within the vehicle. Mr. McDonald crawled between the front seat and the backseat multiple times, reaching underneath the seats, drinking out of a can and failing to comply with direct orders. Mr. McDonald also repeatedly exited the vehicle through the rear passenger side door of the vehicle, briefly showed his hands then entered the vehicle again. Mr. McDonald again exited the vehicle and still had his hands out of my line of sight from the back of my patrol vehicle. SGT Rariden 335 arrived on scene shortly after and had a higher vantage point due to being on the northbound lanes of GA-13 looking down onto the southbound lanes. At this point Mr. McDonald showed his hands as we approached and we continued to give verbal commands to get on the ground. SGT Rariden instructed the passenger, Mr. Davis, to exit the vehicle and lay down on the floor, to which he complied without issue. I then drew my department issued Taser and approached Mr. McDonald giving him commands to get on the ground or he will be tased. Mr. McDonald got on the ground but continued to attempt to reach into the car and crawl around on the ground. I again gave Mr. McDonald a warning that if he did not stop he would be tased, and he complied and stayed still on the ground. I holstered both of my weapons and prepared to effect an arrest on Mr. McDonald. As I attempted to place his left hand in the handcuffs Mr. McDonald pulled away and began to actively resist. Mr. Mcdonald grabbed my handcuffs which were now on the ground and threw them into a storm drain next to us on the floor. I began struggling with Mr. McDonald attempting to gain control of his arms using my feet against the concrete wall behind us as leverage. As Mr. McDonald attempted to stand up I wrapped left arm around his upper body and brought him back down to the ground and rolled him onto his side. I heard SGT Rariden say “taser taser taser” and I turned my head away while attempting to keep control of Mr. McDonald. The taser was effective and I then gained control of Mr. McDonalds left arm while under power. Upon gaining control of his left arm I was able to control his legs by sitting on them while gaining control of his right arm as well. SGT Rariden placed his taser on the wall and jumped down before placed the passenger Mr. Davis under arrest at this point without incident. Mr. McDonald continued to physically resist arrest and all ignore verbal commands. As I struggled to keep control of his arms SGT Raridens taser fell off the wall and landed in front of me. I laid all of my body weight onto Mr. McDonald before reaching with my left hand for the taser. I told him that if he did not stop he would be tased again. I noticed the wires from the initial probes still protruding from underneath his body and fired the taser towards the concrete wall to re-energize the probes already on Mr. McDonald. SGT Rariden came over and gained control of his right arm as I gained control of his left arm and we placed him in handcuffs. We sat Mr. McDonald down and leaned him against the wall and searched his person. He was then placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle. Mr. Davis was placed in a separate patrol vehicle after being searched as well. When I returned to my vehicle at approximately 1543 hours I read Mr. McDonald his Miranda Rights and asked if he understood and would still like to speak to us, to which he gave a verbal yes. During a vehicle search a handgun, $892 in cash, multiple individually packed baggies of marijuana, rolling paper, blank gift cards, credit/debit cards with different names, a card reader/scanner and numerous other retail items were recovered from the vehicle. Mr. McDonald was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital by EMS personnel on Grady Bus without further incident. Mr. McDonald was released from Grady Hospital at approximately 2349 hours and transported to Fulton County Jail by TFC Howerton 832 and turned over to detention officers without incident.”

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