VIDEO: Kayla Morton vs. Street Outlaws Murder Nova @XtremeRaceway

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Kayla Morton lines the “Hot Mess Express” Mustang up against The Murder Nova at Reaper’s All Stop No Prep event! Place ya bets!

“In this video we have kayla morton in the hot mess express which is a procharged mustang. Kayla entered the big tire class at the reaper’s all star race at xtreme raceway in Ferris, Texas. Kayla is one of only three female no prep king racers and she is no slouch at the track! She took on the murder nova which is a twin turbo nova. This matchup took place in the first round of big tire and the winner went on to face high voltage. High voltage is driven by robin roberts who drives the twin turbo firebird. Two great matchups and really fast cars. Kamikaze chris was flagging the race from the starting line and making the tough calls all weekend.”

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