VIDEO: Street Outlaws Murder Nova Running Hard In Tulsa!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Murder Nova came out to play in Tulsa!

“In this video we have murder nova at the tulsa no prep kings event held in tulsa, oklahoma. Murder Nova started out the list with a procharged setup but slowly progressed to a twin turbo setup. The setup has propelled murder nova into the top ranks of street racing and no prep. Murder nova has been a strong team mate helping his team win races to have a overall good team standing. Murder Nova is no stranger to winning and has a die hard attitude when it comes to winning a race. Murder Nova did not finish top of the points but did come in as one of his team’s high top finish. Together the 405 group is one fast group that knows how to get the job done. Can they hold it together or the next season? We think so, its a hard nose group that can’t be held down. ”

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