VIDEO: The Sinister Story Of Maico Motorcycles | The Ultimate Family Feud

SOURCE: Born A Goon

Let’s take a trip back in time to learn about Maico Motorcycles. In the early 1980’s Maico shocked the motorsports world with the release of the Maico 490, considered by many to be the best dirt-bike ever built. The years that followed would be a rollercoaster ride of failure and controversy. After the release of the 490 its successors would put a dark cloud of shame on the brand due to poor quality and decreased rider safety. It seems crazy that a company with such a great reputation could fall so fast, but maybe that was the plan all along. Learn how an ongoing family feud would lead to one of the worst cases of corporate sabotage ever.

“There may be no other story in motorsports anymore despicable than the story of Maico. In 1981, Maico built arguably the most incredible open-class machine of all time but an internal family feud would erupt between the two owners Otto and Wilhelm Maisch. In an act of corporate sabotage, they would intentionally destroy the 1982 Maico 490 and build a death trap for the sole purpose of declaring bankruptcy. It is also a story of how Otto and Wilhelm Maisch, who inherited Maico from their father, somehow could survive World War 2 Germany, but couldn’t survive each other.”

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