VIDEO: This Dude Just Built An AWD/Manual S550 Ford Mustang!

Well this is certainly a first! No Production Value Garage Youtube page just completed an AWD/manual S550 Ford Mustang build. Aside from the video giving me 2000’s Powerblock (tv show) vibes, the finished product is BAD AZZ! Watch along as he makes final adjustments before taking the AWD pony out for a spin to get her dialed in. The AWD system appears to be working perfectly as the Mustang also tackles some snow/ice covered pavement with ease in the video. I cant wait to see what this thing can do once it is boosted! Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: No Production Value Garage

“After almost 2 years, the AWD S550 Mustang GT is on the road. The worlds first Coyote Powered, manual transmission AWD Mustang. Basically an American R32 GTr!! In this episode covers the last remaining steps to get the car on the wheels including: -Making Custom Welded CV axles -Have a custom front driveshaft made and CNC machining an adapter to go to the transfer case. -Relocating the front Sway Bar. -Moving the Catalytic converter to clear the front Driveshaft. Then it hits the road for testing and finally tuning the Syvecs AWD controller in the snow with some Awesome AWD Snow Burnouts:)”

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