VIDEO: Top Fuel Drag Trike Crashes Into A Pond…Lives To Fight Another Day!

Well you sure don’t see these everyday! Let’s take a trip down to Northeast Louisiana Sand Drags dirt racing complex with CycleDrag to check out Jeff Guillot’s Top Fuel drag trike “Wild Thing”. Back in 2016 Jeff had a scary moment when his throttle got stuck while making a pass sending him crashing into a pond. Luckily Jeff survived the crazy encounter and the bike was able to be retrieved from the water. 7 years later Jeff is back at it with Wild Thing and that sucker is ROWDY! Enjoy this wild dirt drag racing action and you can watch the second video below to see the 2016 crash. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: CycleDrag

“We take you inside the Northeast Louisiana Sand Drags dirt drag racing complex to watch an incredible Top Fuel Motorcycle style sand trike of Jeff Guillot as he makes his triumphant return from a mysterious case of Top Fuel Motorcycle dirt racing gone wrong, when the bike would not shut off and he crashed off the track into a pond. We will also see a Turbo Hayabusa dirt drag bike take on the world’s fastest three cylinder Yamaha Banshee, a new track record, lots of nitrous and custom quad builds, a two stroke vs. four stroke showdown, female dirt drag racers, teams from Puerto Rico, a bent air cleaner after a crash that got run over by a big paddle tire, a broken o-ring in the clutch cannon of the Top Fuel Trike, Top Fuel Motorcycle racer Larry “Spiderman” McBride overnighting parts to help the nitro trike, a 350 Banshee, the world’s quickest two cylinder Yamaha Banshee, a Herbie the Love Bug quad, a Yamaha YFZ 450, a racer marrying the track owner’s daughter, dirt drag racing crashes and much more. Enjoy this full tour of our first trip to Gilbert, Louisiana for the Northeast Louisiana Sand Drags.”


SOURCE: Dixie Dirt Draggers

“Wild Things final run “Crash after throttle stuck open – Top Fuel Trike Crash ‘2016”

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