VIDEO: Twin Turbo Showdown – ‘Helleanor’ vs. Larry Larson

SOURCE: 1320video

Twin Turbo Showdown – ‘Helleanor’ vs. Larry Larson

“6,000+ combined horsepower going head to head at Outlaw Armageddon is probably something you’re gonna want to see! Larry Larson has build one of (maybe THE) most badass street cars ever conceived, where the Helleanor has stepped up to the plate to challenge the almighty Larry Larson with it’s twin turbocharged powerplant! Outlaw Armageddon is the biggest no prep race in history, hosting the biggest names in the industry including many street outlaws. This battle was one for the books, leaving the competitors skating across the finish line begging for traction. Putting down this much power on this type of surface is no easy feat.”