VIDEO: Don’t Hit Cops While Running From Cops In Your SRT Hellcat! | #FAFO

You may remember this video of an SRT Hellcat running from cops, striking a Saint Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Deputy in the process, circulating the internets back in 2022. Well today Vigilant Cam Youtube page gives us the back story behind this wild police chase that resulted in some life-changing felony charges for the driver. After striking the Sheriff’s Deputy during a failed spike-strip attempt, the Hellcat driver continued on eventually trying to hide inside a grocery store. Police were notified of his presence and quickly moved in to apprehend the suspect. Once spotted the suspect tried to flee on foot but was easily captured by pursuing officers. The suspect would go on to be charged with attempted murder of a police officer along with a multiple other serious felony charges. I think the worst part of it all is the fact that the car was not even his as evidenced by the suspects statement “My dad just bought that car”. If I was dad he would be happy that the police caught him first! Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: Vigilant Cam

“Dodge Hellcat Driver Strikes Officer While Fleeing Arrest”

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