VIDEO: Is This The Best Sounding Corvette C8 ZO6 On The Streets? | + Ferrari F40 Comparison!

NASCAR driver and Navy veteran Jesse Iwuji may just have the best sounding Corvette C8 ZO6 on the streets. Watch as he takes his C8 ZO6, newly equipped with an AWE Switchpath cat-back exhasut system, out to an empty airstrip to let the bald eagles sing. The high pitched sound of C8 ZO6’s flat-plane V8 is definitely giving V12 sounds with the addition of the AWE exhaust. Have you heard anything better on a C8 to date? Also check out the second video below for an awesome side by side comparison between the C8 ZO6 and the legendary Ferrari F40! Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: Jesse Iwuji

Ever since I tossed on my C8 Z06 AWE Switchpath Exhaust I’ve noticed a different tone in the car! It’s been absolutely incredible sounding especially on deceleration and downshifts. I love this kit they came out with and the install at the shop took only 3-4 hours. I highly recommend it! Here’s a link to the kit if you want it:…

“Ferrari F40 vs C8 Z06: Deep Look – I’ve never had an opportunity to ever see a Ferrari F40 in real life till now. WHAT A BEAUTY!! I took the chance to do a comparison between my C8 Z06 and the Ferrari F40 on camera for you all who follow my channel. Hope you enjoy!”

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