VIDEO: Orange County Choppers Responds To Jay Leno’s Harsh Comments!

Orange County Chopper’s founder Paul Teutul Sr. sat down with CycleDrag to discuss recent negative comments made by Jay Leno about the famed bike builders. Watch along as Paul Sr. gives his side of the story on Jay’s custom Harley Davidson build that the celebrity tv host said was of very poor quality. Do you think it was a classless move for Jay Leno to bash their brand for the world to see? Also if you have any real world experience with Orange County Choppers please share your opinion on build quality below. Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: CycleDrag

“It’s a clash of two TV legends as Jay Leno recently called his custom Orange County Chopper “junk” after the bike experienced an electrical problem and a breakdown on a California Highway many years ago. We caught up with Orange County Choppers frontman Paul Teutul Sr. to get his response to Jay Leno’s criticism of his famous motorcycles. Jay Leno says he was never a fan of choppers because he doesn’t understand the concept of making it slower will less braking power and control. OCC’s Paul Teutul Sr argues that he rides his chopper all over and it’s not a riding style for everyone. Paul Teutul Sr. also talks about Orange County Choppers’ many appearances on the Tonight Show and how he feels the true reason for the for Leno calling out his bike could be that he appeared on Dave Letterman’s Tonight Show twice as much. We also ask the 75-year-old Orange County Chopper star what he’s doing now, how he likes living in Florida and what’s up next for the OCC Brand. ”

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